Assessing Risk In Your Business: Probability Impact Planning 

As a business owner, the ability to assess potential issues and challenges are vital to your businesses ability to maintain a steep recovery. Based on our webinar on COVID-19: The Five Strategies For Building a Contingency Plan", we have created a short overview on the essentials to incorporating a tactical planning process. The Risk Probability Impact Process is a great way to identify and prioritize potential scenarios that can have a long-term negative impact to your business based on disruptions caused by COVID-19.  

On this planning webinar, Brett Dearing, Partner at Cerity Partners and head of their Business Owner Advisory Group will discuss how to incorporate a tactical planning approach. The Probability Impact Planning Process can be used to create contingency planning but most importantly, can be used as the foundation for recovery planning. 

The Probability Impact Planning Process:

  1. Assessing risk scenarios that can impact your business
  2. Prioritize risks based on impact
  3. Work the problem: Get management team involved and allocate the proper resources
  4. Over communicate
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Incorporating The Risk Probability Impact Planning Process:  

Guest Speakers:

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Brett Dearing, CEPA, CM&AA

Partner, Head of Business Owner Advisory Services

Brett Dearing is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor® (CEPA) and a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor® (CM&AA) with nearly 30 years of experience working with privately-held businesses. He is a valued advisor who sits alongside owners and guides them through the complexities of transitioning a family business; structuring comprehensive succession plans for business owners and providing a proven action-based process for growth planning.

Brett specializes in preparing both the business and its owner for transition while maximizing enterprise value. Additionally, he utilizes his nationally accomplished network of business advisors to assist with the execution of his clients’ business and action plans. His areas of focus include: mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations, private equity purchases, strategic acquisitions, spin-out acquisitions, tuck-in strategies, ESOPs, and company valuations and analysis.


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